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During the fall of 2004, my husband and I assisted a friend who had severe Cerebral Palsy to move to the Bay Area. Because of his disability, he needed assistance in establishing himself. A Supportive Living Agency eventually took over for us, but by that time my husband and I realized that we wanted to form an agency of our own.

In the Spring of 2005, Inclusive Community Resources was established. We used my experience, both as an advocate in the field for over 21 years, and as an individual with severe Cerebral Palsy, to provide services which empower people with disabilities to live the life they chose.

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Originally ICR’s services focused on adults with developmental disabilities and our services were targeted to those folks and their families. Over the years, we began working with seniors, clients of the Department of Labor, and adults with physical disabilities. Recently, we have also begun to serve out-of-state students with disabilities who attend UC Berkeley.

It is not very common to find an agency that meets the needs of so many different populations. All services begin and end with the person in need of service. This perspective makes labels irrelevant because the planning process is truly about the person, not his or her diagnosis. I sincerely hope that you experience this at ICR whether you are a client, family member, or employee. Please contact me personally at julie@icrsls.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Julie Weissman-Steinbaugh, M.A.

Julie and family in Hawaii 2011

ICR Director, Julie and her family Hawaii 2011